Saturday, August 13, 2011

amman at night

The hotel/hostel we're staying in is located downtown in the old city of Amman.  Due to the extreme time change, we're really alert and awake at night time here.  It's okay though, because the city's very active at night especially now during Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting - yeah, a month!!!).  Everyone fasts until the sun sets at 7:30 (you're not even allowed to drink a sip of water).  So we try to be respectful and not eat or drink in front of anyone.  Once the clock strikes at the thirty minute mark, everyone is ready to feast and the city comes alive and everything stays open extra late.

Here's the street below our hotel.

The other night, after walking around the streets, we realized that we had roof access at the hotel.  Below, there are endless street vendors selling food, clothing, toys, phones - you name it.  It's much dirtier than what I'm used to in the states.  You have to watch your step for debris and questionable looking puddles.  I've also had to get used to the sidewalks because they aren't level.  At any moment there could be a two foot drop where you have to step down, or a small stair at the entrance of a restroom.  I've been tripping over things a lot : )

The vendors sell a lot of things that look pre-owned or worn so it's kind of like a huge yard sale.  Crossing the street is a little scary at first.  There are no traffic lights allowing pedestrains to walk.  You just kind of walk out in front of cars and hope they slow down to let you pass.  So here are a few pictures from the roof and around the city.

The Arab bank across the street is a commonly used landmark.

This is the al Hussein mosque.  All mosques have lime green lights.

The entrance to the mosque.

Up on the roof!  So beautiful : )

I love the view.

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  1. I am drooling over the mosque!!! SO beautiful!