Thursday, August 18, 2011

arrival in israel-palestine

So we left Jordan on Sunday for Israel-Palestine.  We really enjoyed Amman, but I was ready to leave.  The hostel wasn't super clean and I hadn't had a hot shower in so long.  It was time to go! 

Only problem is -- I woke up Sunday sick as a dog.  The air conditioner in our room at the hostel was stuck on FREEZING cold and we couldn't adjust it.  I was chilled to the bone, didn't get a wink of sleep, had a runny nose, had no appetite, and felt sick to my stomach.  Turns out, the food here finally had its way with my stomach : ( 

I'd been warned that this would happen, but even then - it was rough.  Especially since that day we were making the big trip over the border which meant that even if I had an emergency and HAD to use the restroom, I might have to wait for hours.  Let's just say I DID need to use a restroom, and I restrooms were few and far between that day.

That wasn't fun, but the landscape on the drive over was gorgeous.  It's like  nothing I've ever seen.  It's cool because you hear all these stories from the Bible growing up, but to finally see it in person is amazing.  There were a lot of hills that were totally baren except for a bush or two.  It kept reminding me of the story of the burning bush.  And there are some serious mountains!  I guess I didn't expect that.  Here's a little video Michael took during our drive.  The quality isn't great, but you can see a little of the beauty here.

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