Sunday, August 28, 2011

bbq night

The other night, Naer and Morad - the security guards here - invited us to a BBQ they were having with their families.  It was easy to get to - since they had it downstairs in the building we live in.  So we got on the elevator and headed down.  The women prepared food in a large kitchen/eating area on the main floor and the men barbecued outside in the courtyard.  As always, the weather and company were great : )

So for dinner, we had kebab, grilled chicken, beef, pita bread, soup, hummus, and a bunch of other dishes (I don't know the names). It was all delicious!  This time it was harder to communicate - there was only one English speaker out of the whole group - so if he wasn't around to translate, we couldn't really talk.   Still, we enjoyed their company and did our best to communicate.

And what do yah know, the topic of babies came up again.  I'm starting to wonder if people here think it's odd that we don't have kids yet.  Being 25 & 27 with no children - maybe they think I'm getting old and better get going before I'm no longer fertile!  I think it's just a big difference culturally.  I'll be so excited when we start a family, but getting an education, starting our careers, and traveling are priorities right now.   If not for the language barrier, I would have tried to explain that.

Here are a few pictures we took that night.

Morad and Naer - our awesome hosts.
Their wives who are amazing cooks.
 Nael's daughters 17 and 14 years old.
Girls pic! The little one on the right is so cute!
After dinner, the kids brought out a soccer ball and played with Michael.  It was pretty cute!  Even the tiny little girl played as if she were one of the boys.  I watched them and drank some really yummy coffee.  It was flavored (maybe vanilla) with lots of cream and sugar.  Then, the girls wanted a tour of our apartment, so I obliged.  It was a little embarrassing because I hadn't cleaned and it was pretty messy. 

Then I brought our laptop down and showed everyone pictures of our wedding and our puppies.  They wanted to see what our families looked like.  The girls were particularly interested in my brother!  After that, everyone started to leave and we headed back up to our place.  It was another nice night with nice people in Palestine.


  1. What??? They didn't want to know about your totally righteous and cool mom & dad? HA HA Well, your bro is pretty handsome. : )
    We are enjoying not just your photos, but your commentary also. What a hospitable and sweet family. I thank Naer, Morad and their families for being so kind to my children while they are so far from home. Love you and miss you.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL! Hope you've had a good day.

  3. Righteous and cool? lol... Glad you're enjoying the blog. We didn't really celebrate Michael's bday today - we're going to celebrate in Tel Aviv, but thank you for the bday wishes! Love you too!

  4. Yes. I agree. I also enjoy the commentary. Photos alone would not do the trip justice even though I'm sure the commentary takes some time to write. Also, tell Michael to work on his soccer skills. Pretty sure the kids were beating him. haha

  5. Thanks Shane! Haha... yeah the kids here have pretty good soccer skills. But we'll just say Michael was being nice and "going easy" on them.

  6. Great pics once again! I don't know if you got my other comment, it wasnt working before. And the video is cute! lol