Saturday, August 13, 2011

friends & food

We've met a few people here at the hotel and they're all extremely nice and hospitable.  The owner is very warm and welcoming - she even cooked us dinner the other night!  Also, a lot of the travelers at the hotel are our age and easy to talk to.  We actually haven't met any Americans, but plenty of Europeans.  Plus, a lot more people speak English than I thought they would.

Delicious meal provided by the hotel - (potatos, lamb, salad, hummus, and melon juice).

The juice was really good : )

One specifically generous friend we met is John.  He's Swiss and travels all the time.  He's very familiar with the city and has been so nice.  He offered to show us around and took us to eat last night.  Unfortunately, the ATM's here aren't working for us and we were running out of cash.  Without hestiation, he paid for our dinner, and told us not to worry about money.  He's really one of the nicest people I've ever met.  So we walked to the restaurant (which I love by the way - you can walk anywhere with no problem).  And we passed through a market on the way.  I'm starting to feel like Julia Roberts on Eat Pray Love when she just eats and eats and eats and can't button her pants anymore.  I feel like I haven't stopped eating since we got here!!!

I must have looked like such a dorky tourist taking these photos.
Wouldn't you laugh if you saw someone at Publix taking photos
as if they were fascinated with the store?  haha : )

Here's John leading the way through.

I'm not sure what they are called,
but those are Roman ruins behind Michael (at the base of the hill).

This is the beautiful view from the balcony at dinner.

It's hard to see, but the buildings just keep going up the hills.

Here's the delicious meal we had.  It's when everyone breaks bread at the end of the daily fast.  It's called ishtar.  I would call it a feast.  Lamb, chicken, pasta, lentil soup, bread with cheese, salad, hummus, juice, water, and dessert... I was stuffed.

Although the sun is setting in this photo, the night wasn't even close to being over.  I'll have to do another post about that!


  1. I uses to walk through that market on a daily basis. I'm glad you two are having a good time. As for the ATM issue, did you notify your banks of your travel plans ahead of time?

  2. Hey, I like that white shirt Michael. : )

  3. Yeah, we did notify the bank. They really annoy me! But we eventually found an ATM that worked.