Saturday, August 13, 2011

party time

Our new friends invited us to an "Arabic party" which turned out to be some live music at a cafe in the new/modern part of Amman which was about a ten minute taxi ride away from the old city.  It's very much like an outdoor mall complete with McDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks, Waffle House, but also a bunch of retailers that I'd never heard of.  It's the "wealthy" part of town.

Here's the cafe we went to.  We hung out on the rooftop - which meant climbing several flights of stairs.
It was a pretty trendy place. 
This is the view of the outdoor mall below.
The guitarist playing for us.
Four bucks gets you a seat, a water, a dessert and a platter of chick peas, corn, and some other thing.  For a little extra, I got a strawberry smoothie.  Mmm!!!
From left to right: their "French friend"- Rosalynn, the hotel owner - Star, me, Rishma, and John.
 We had to ride in a specific taxi because we're foreigners.
We had a fun night and have been blessed with nice people to hang out with.


  1. Wow, lots to eat! Have fun, be safe. Love you both. --Mom

  2. That outdoor cafe looks really cool! Definitely not something I thought would be in Jordan.

  3. Yeah, we really enjoyed Amman. The food was great everywhere and there was a nice atmosphere. Lot's of awesome cafes!

  4. Did you say Waffle House?? All the comforts of home! Your posts are awesome, Nicole. Keep 'em coming! So glad to hear you're settling in and loving this experience!