Sunday, September 4, 2011

date night

At home, we don't usually go out to eat a lot.  I can be a pretty good cook when I try, but since I don't have much to work with here, we're going out to eat a lot more.  It's fun to try different places out though.  The food has been pretty good, but not as good as the home cooking I've had here. 

The first place we tried here is Tche Tche (which is pronounced "Chay Chay" haha).  We actually got totally ripped off by a cab driver on the way here.  We told him where we wanted to go and he was a little too enthusiastic.  No wonder he was so happy to drive us - he charged full price for a ride that lasted MAYBE 30 seconds.  He could've just told us it was right down the street.  We didn't let it ruin our night though.  Tche Tche had a fun atmosphere, it's pretty much always busy, and it's about a five minute walk from our apartment.  You can eat inside or out on the patio and their menu is really cool.  It's like a little diagram.

 Argeleh is basically what we call "hookah" - everyone loves it here.
We don't smoke it though.  It's just as bad for you as cigarettes.
 The food was a little pricey, but our huge plates were loaded.
 Some chicks enjoying their argeleh.
View from the street.

A few nights later, we had cabin fever and decided to take a walk and try a new resaurant out.  The next place we went is called Akasha which is located on the roof of a hotel here.  The prices were insane - we just got coffee and took in the view.

Here's the restaurant from afar.  It's on top with the blue lights.
 The view was great.  That's Jerusalem in the distance.
 The inside of the restaurant.

 Michael got Turkish coffee.
 I got a cappuccino.

As nice as it is to have date night and alone time - we miss our friends and family!!!  We don't have a group of friends here so it gets kind of lonely hanging out alone all the time.  Also, I really miss my dogs SO much.  Still, it's been nice to have my husband all to myself!

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