Friday, September 9, 2011

ramallah nightlife

We've slowly been learning our way around downtown Ramallah and finding different places to shop, eat, & hangout.  Last night, Michael's co-worker, Clio (she's French and her husband is Palestinian), invited us to a cafe called La Wain where some live music was being played.  We were eager to meet some new people and get out of the house, so we met up with her and sat down for some wine. 

It was actually so much fun!  Not that I expected it to be bad, but the music was unexpectedly incredible!  The performers are students at a music school around here and they rocked the house.  By the end of the night, they had the whole place clapping and dancing.  If I'd had a little more to drink and some girlfriends to dance with, I totally would have joined in.  The atmosphere was awesome and we really had a wonderful time.  I recorded some of the fun so you've gotta watch this video:

 Those are books on the ceiling above the stage!

The other section was decorated with umbrellas.

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