Sunday, September 4, 2011

tel aviv

Michael had some time off of work for Eid - the celebration of the end of Ramadan.  So we took the opportunity to take a day trip to Tel Aviv.  It's not so easy to get there.  It takes about four separate bus trips to make it from Ramallah to Tel Aviv.  I'd say it took us three hours to get there, but if we had our own car, it probably would only take an hour.  It was a pain to get there to say the least.  So much so, that we probably won't go back, but at least I got to see the city and put my toes in the Mediterranean!

If you're wondering why it's such a pain to get anywhere from Ramallah, here's one reason - due to the occupation, we have to get through secure checkpoints in order to leave the city.  The day we went to Tel Aviv, traffic was congested and it took about an hour to get to Jerusalem (which is 6 miles away).  And that's for those of us with American passports. For Palestinians it takes even longer.  Plus, there's no bus that goes directly from Ramallah to Tel Aviv.  So we had to go to Jerusalem then Tel Aviv.  It was too much traveling in one day!

 Here we are now in Jerusalem trying to find the bus we need.

 Going to Tel Aviv!  We finally found the bus we needed.
 They are called "sheruts" - which is a giant taxi/small bus.
 And four hours after leaving our apartment - we're walking the streets of Tel Aviv!
 So happy to get off the sherut and walk around!

 The sidewalk was awesome.
 We ate at La La Land and the service sucked.  Hummus was good.

 The sandbar was soooo pretty!!!!!!!!!

 Two chicks asked if we'd take their picture.
 I said yes - if they would take ours too.
Turns out they were lesbians and thought I was hot.

Here's a video of the view:

It was pretty, but we decided to call it a day and head back towards Jerusalem.  I really love it in Jerusalem!  Everything has so much history behind it and there's just so much beauty there.  We decided to check out a show called The Night Spectacular at The Tower of David Museum before we went home.  It was really cool to be in the Old City at night.  They project these huge images against the old walls.  It's easier to just watch the video because we weren't allowed to take any photos or videos during the show.

 The show is held inside the Citadel.
 I think this is the Tower of David.

 The tower from outside the walls.

 Walking through Old City Jerusalem was cool + a little scary.
 We dropped by the Dome and the Western Wall again.
From Jerusalem, we got a bus and headed home.  I went straight to the shower and collapsed in bed.  It was a fun day, but just so exhausting.


  1. YUMMI! I love all these pics! so beautiful! The one of you and the lesbians cracks me up!

  2. Wow! Tel Aviv looks like a beautiful city!