Wednesday, September 21, 2011

un bid for statehood

This article is about a protest held at the border checkpoint called Qalandia here in Ramallah.  At the beginning of my post on Tel Aviv you can see photos I took of this major checkpoint.  It was closed down the day of the demonstration so that no one could enter or leave Ramallah.  It definitely gives me a claustrophobic feeling being walled into the city, but I think the border is open again.

This is a photo of the wall at Qalandia where the demonstration was.

The eyes of the world are on Israel and Palestine right now due to Palestinians going to the UN to request statehood.  Over 100 countries are in support, but since the United States has veto power and vows to use it, it doesn't look like anything is going to happen. 

The city is very festive right now and I think people are hopeful for change, but realistic that not much progress is going to happen in the UN.  I just hope things stay non-violent and peaceful.  I've seen many news camera crews filming and a big stage has been set up downtown for large gatherings in the city.  Here's a photo of dowtown Ramallah decked out with Paletinian flags.

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