Thursday, November 3, 2011

goodbye jerusalem!

We spent one last day in Jerusalem last weekend and we'll definitely miss living a few miles from the old city!  It's like no other place on earth.  Everything there is so ancient and can be traced back to the Bible.  It's been incredible to see places I've learned about in church since I was little. 

We went through the Old City, shopped for a few more souvenirs, went to Mount Zion and then took in the view from the Mount of Olives one last time.  We took a huge amount of pictures, so I'm only going to post a few of our favorites (although it's hard to pick just a few).

We saw this poor camel at the Mount every time we went and he just seemed so miserable!  He doesn't look to unhappy here, but believe me - he was hissing, spitting and growling.  I felt kinda sorry for him.  Still, plenty of tourists were more than happy to hop on his back for a picture.  They're crazy if you ask me.

 Michael enjoying the view from the Mount of Olives.
 Here are our dorky touristy pictures hehe : )

 The wind that day was insane!  Very cold too!

Such a beautiful place...

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