Saturday, November 12, 2011

massy, france

Our friend, Flo (Florent), has been a very generous host and is letting us crash at his place here in Massy, France.  Massy is a cute little town only 16 miles south of Paris.  There's a metro station just a short walk from Flo's house, so we can hop on and get to Paris easily.

Below is a photo of Michael and Flo in the kitchen sampling some duck liver.  For some of you that might not know, I can be kind of a picky eater - at least with things like liver and other animal guts haha.  So be proud of me because I ate several bites!

And below are some photos taken while we were walking around Massy.  It's a cute little town.  They've got charming old buildings, shops and a small town feeling - but in short distance to Paris.  They also have a huge grocery store called Cora, and it was just what I needed.  I've really missed huge grocery stores and "normal" food.  It's been a great place to stay and we're very appreciative of Flo for hosting us.

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