Thursday, November 3, 2011

return to jordan

Don't get me wrong - Palestine is a beautiful place with great people, but it's a relief to be back in Jordan!!!  Dealing with occupation is a pain to say the least, and I really have no room to complain since I have an American passport. 

However, traveling into, out of, or anywhere within Israel/Palestine is a huge stressful hassle!  You have to go through checkpoints guarded by Israelis with machine guns.  You just have to hope that you don't come across a guard who's in a bad mood and will let you pass with no problem. 

You have to answer a lot of questions: where are you going, where have you been, how long have you been here, where have you stayed, who have you been with...?  It never ends and unfortunately, honesty isn't the best policy here.  We've had to tell them this whole time that we're tourists on vacation.  I think the lying is what stresses me out most. 

So we made the trip back to Jordan and I love the drive from the Israeli border to Amman!  We passed Jericho, the Dead Sea, Mount of Temptation and drove through the desert.  It's gorgeous!  Last time we drove through here I didn't enjoy it one bit - I was sooo sick to my stomach.  This time, I got to take in all the beauty.

We met up with our friend, John, who graciously gave us a room in his apartment to stay for the week.  We've met so many nice people while traveling!  So no hotels or hostels for us : )  We settled in and relaxed for a little and then met up with friends in the first circle.  (Amman is organized by "circles".) 

We got coffee and tea then headed over to Buffalo Wings + Rings --- which is the best food we've had in months!  Again, not to hate on Ramallah, but we weren't eating the greatest of food there.  I had a chicken quesadilla with salsa and Michael had a burger (he had been dying to eat a burger) with curly fries and all these yummy sauces to dip your food in.  Plus I snagged a few of our friends' chicken wings.  Mmmmm!  SOOOO good and so filling/satisfying.  It was a fun night with friends and a great start to our time here.

 My new favorite place to eat in Jordan!

 Whitney + John
 Michael + me : )
 The restaurant.

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