Monday, November 14, 2011

three countries - one night

Flo took us to the lovely little town outside of Lille in northern France the other night to meet his sister, brother-in-law, and two adorable little nephews.  By the way, you pronounce Lille like "Lil' Wayne" haha.  It's about a three hour drive from Massy and right near the border of Belgium.  I was definitely ready to get out of the car by the time we got there.

Flo's sister spoiled us rotten with a delicious home cooked meal.  We had lasagna and it was heavenly.  I was so full (kinda too full) afterwards, but it was just so yummy.  For dessert, we had these pastries she made from scratch that had ice cream inside and were topped with scrumptious chocolate.  I was so stuffed.

After dinner, we left and drove just ten minutes north into Belgium!  So now I can say I've been to Belgium (hehe)!  We stopped at this little place that's known for its chocolates.  I personally love DARK chocolate, but we compromised with a small box of various chocolates.  I can't really complain since I just love chocolate.

 Heading back to France.

After Belgium, Flo decided to take us to yet a third country in one night --- Canada.  I know it sounds silly, but we really did visit Canadian territory within France at this huge memorial.  It's meant to honor Canadian soldiers who died in WWI.

The land in France is quite flat, but here it was very bumpy because of bombs from battles that have been fought here.  If the weather were a little nicer, we could've gone to see the trenches that are still here.  You can't walk on the grass though because there are still land mines that haven't been removed.

So, now I can say that I traveled to three different countries in one day ;-)

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