Monday, November 14, 2011

USA vs. France

After seeing Flo's famly in Lille, the night had only begun.  We went to the stadium in Paris (I think it's just called Stade de France) and watched the USA vs. France football game.  I was feeling especially patriotic since I'm missing home.  Plus, we were surrounded by French people and I had to represent!  We bought some flags and headed inside.

 Flo and I sporting our flags outside the stadium.

The first half hour of the game was so much fun.  Unfortunately, the guys sitting next to me and behind me decided to be very anti-American to the point that I was being harassed.  I can take a little friendly competition, but these guys were horrible.  The guy sitting right next to me had the nerve to take my flag and wipe his dirty mouth with it and then grin at me!!!  I really have never seen anyone be so disrespectful.

That should have been a major warning for me because it only went downhill from there.  The guys behind and beside me kept poking me, sticking their hands in my face, and pulling down my flag saying "America sucks.  America bad."  I realllly don't like complete strangers touching and harassing me, so I was quickly reaching my boiling point. 

He didn't understand a word of English that was spewing out of my angry mouth, but I think the point got across.  To me, there's something scary about a furious woman yelling at you in a foreign language lol.  I moved away from them and they left me alone.  It took me a good 15 minutes to return to my good mood, and then we enjoyed the rest of the game without another incident.  However, France beat us - 1 to 0.  Thank you Flo for buying us tickets!  Very fun!

 Yay America!
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  1. Jealous! I would loved to have been there. Except I think I would have killed those annoying French guys.

  2. Yeah lol... those guys were some of the rudest people I've ever met, but the game was really fun!