Sunday, December 11, 2011

maddam tussads

While we were in London, I just couldn't resist going to Maddam Tussad's famous wax museum.  It's full of celebrities, athletes, and political figures.  It's a little pricey (especially since most of the other museums are free) but we really had a good time.

 JLo ain't got nothin on me lol!
 Morgan Freeman looked way too real.

Where else can you give Hitler a wet willy?!

 After being in Palestine, it was pretty cool to see Yasser Arafat!  And he looked very real.  Like Michael's matching scarf?

 This is Maddam Tussad.

You may wonder what would inspire someone to take this on as a hobby.  Maddam Tussad (born Marie Grosholtz) was a wax sculptor who got her start during the French Revolution where she was ordered to go find people's heads after being sliced off in the guillotine (she herself was nearly executed in the same way and narrowly escaped).  She was then commanded to make death masks of notable Royalist and Revolutionary victims of the guillotine - many of whom she had known.  She survived the revolution and brought her exhibit to London in 1802.  This section of the museum was pretty gruesome!

Much to my disappointment, there was no full Beyonc√© wax figure, but they did have her head and a whole station explaining the making of her statue.  We got a lot more pictures with tons of wax figures, but I'll spare you: )

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  1. You guys missed out on the Sherlock Holmes museum just 500 meters away from the Maddam Tussads museum! Tsk tsk!