Friday, October 5, 2012

team glendene

Friday the 28th we went up to Kennesaw to celebrate my brother, Clint's 22nd birthday with food, friends and drinks.  It was nice to spend some time together, but we had to get up bright and early Saturday morning for the Walk to End Alzheimer's hosted by the Alzheimer's Association at Atlantic Station.  My sweet friends were very kind and donated to our team.  Atlanta raised almost $500,000!!!

My brother and I wanted to raise funds in honor of our grandparents Leon and Glendene.  My grandma Glendene is still living with Alzheimer's and my grandfather cared for her until he passed away this summer.  I owe a lot to my grandparents for being so strong in their Christian faith and setting an example of what marriage is about.  I can tell you that they were some of the sweetest and generous people you could ever meet.  I really miss them, but I know how blessed I am to have had all four of my grandparents well into my adulthood.

In the last decade, my grandfather was completely devoted to my grandma.  If you don't know someone with Alzheimer's --- it can take a lot of patience and kindness dealing with  someone who is disoriented and repeats the same questions over and over.  My grandfather stayed true to his wedding vows and never left her side and I never heard him complain.  They were faithful to each other for 64 years.

We walked the 5K with all the other people who came out for the event.  The weather was cloudy, but nice.  If only I were in better shape, I would have loved to RUN the whole thing.

At the starting line!
I screen printed our shirts... thanks to Lauren of mycalicoskies for the tutorial. 

Waiting to begin!

My husband : )
Surprise shot ;-)
Cute four legged walkers!
Lots of people came to support the cause!

Thank you so much to all our friends' donations!  It is deeply appreciated!

Monday, September 3, 2012

folly beach

On our last day in Charleston, Vik and Neel took the day off of work and we drove to Folly Beach.  It's a laid back beach town that reminds me a lot of the movie Dear John.  We hung out there and watched surfers and people fishing until we got hungry and ended the day getting some yummy Indian food.  It was a great weekend!


Our wonderful old college friend, Vik, invited us over to stay with him and his cousin Neel for the weekend in Charleston!  We've never been before and it had been years since we've seen Vik - crazy how time flies.  So we made the drive over and spent an entire day walking around the Battery, looking at old architecture, walking by the water, visiting Rainbow Row and eating gelato on the pier.  The historic area is very walk-able, so we parked the car and walked everywhere until we were exhausted.

 The city was beautiful and every house had it's own personality.  I loved how most houses had flower boxes in the windows.  I missed our dogs, though.  Charleston is very pet friendly and we saw dogs everywhere.  I know they would have loved walking the city with us.
After a day of sight-seeing, we went back to Vik's apartment where I collapsed and took a nice long nap.  Then, back to the city we went to enjoy the night life.  During the day, we saw tons of couples and families, so I wasn't expecting much of a night life.  Boy, was I wrong!  There were tons of young adults walking the streets jumping from bar to bar.  We ran into some of Vik's friends and enjoyed some drinks.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

britta turns one

We celebrated my cousin Britta's first birthday recently with a yummy grill out by the pool.  The food was delish and I got to hang out with my cousins - so it was a fun day.  It's just so much fun to have little babies around and my cousin's babies are the cutest!

The birthday girl with her aunt Stacy!

Taking turns holding little Blythe!

Joan, Jim, and Karen with baby Blythe.
Cousins : )

Friday, July 6, 2012


This summer has been a memorable one so far - filled with new beginnings, endings, celebrations and goodbyes.  I've been too busy to consistently blog (which is a good thing), so here's my summer in photos.

 "Life is like photography - you use the negatives to develop."

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This summer, I'm really feeling faithful and hopeful.  I have no idea what will happen, but I feel like something kind of has to happen. These are my top priorities.

1.)  career - I hate that this is #1. 
2.)  spend more time with family 
3.)  get fit - I got completely out of my routine last year and I have a lot of catching up to do. 
4.)  eat healthy - more fruits, veggies, and as many  natural and organic products as I can afford. 
5.)  work harder on Esperlue 
6.)  have photos taken again with Michael  
7.)  read more Bible Finish the Old Testament. Pray more.  Work on having more faithRemember the important things. (This should probably be #1, right?)  
8.)  read more in general  
9.)  belly dance again  
10.) go camping

For when you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their sins, your father will not forgive your sings.  Matthew 6:14-15

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ozora lake

Those are tonnnns of lily pads covering the lake!  So pretty...

Charlie loves to swim so he took a dive into the lily pads.  And Sassy loves to dig in the dirt... in this case - thick gooey mud.  She's not a fan of swimming, so I had to throw her into the lake to wash her off haha.

We love going to Ozora Lake at Tribble Mill to get a little exercise and to let the dogs have some outdoor fun.  It's so green and there are creeks and trails everywhere.  Whenever I travel, this is what I miss about Georgia.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the cerna fam

We hung out in Kennesaw today to see Michael's family - especially to see his brother, David, who's leaving to work in Alaska this week.  We're all gonna miss him while he's gone, but it's a really great opportunity to work there.  Praying he has a safe flight and successful trip. 

We ate delicious pizza at Big Pie in the Sky which was featured once on the Travel Channel for the Man vs. Food show (they have a mean carnivore pizza).  It's always nice to get together with the whole fam!

They loooove XBOX haha.  So Michael gave them his old FIFA game.
 The extra large... didn't think it was possible, but we actually ate it all.
They don't go cheap on the portions.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

stacy's shower

This last weekend I got a huge dose of family time and baby stuff!  My cousin Stacy and her husband are having their first baby very soon!  A little girl!  Her friends hosted a baby shower and it was a packed house.  She looked super cute with the pregnancy glow and had a mountain of presents to open.  I also got to meet my other little baby cousin for the first time.  Fun day!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy 33rd anniversary

My parents were married 33 years ago on St. Patrick's Day.  Happy Anniversary!