Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Since the job hunt has been pretty unsuccessful lately, I've had lot's of time to be creative.  I decided I was kind of dissapointed with my old blog - Addicted to Adorable.  I wanted something new, so I made a new blog! 

It's hard to come up with a name on Blogger that isn't already taken.  It can be pretty frustrating when you think you've finally come up with the perfect name only to realize that it's already been taken.  So I made up a name. 

My  new blog is called Esperlue [es - per - loo].  The name doesn't have any particular meaning.  I simply thought it was pretty and I just wanted a place to be creative whether it be DIY, crafts, cooking, random thoughts - whatever.  I prefer keeping my personal stuff here seperate from that stuff.  Feel free to drop by Esperlue!

While I'm at it - I want to mention Michael's articles on Bleacher Report's website.  It's the fourth most popular sports website in the United States and they've been publishing Michael's articles!  It's all about futbol, so for those of you who aren't into sports, it might not be your thing.  As of now, it's just for fun, but wouldn't it be cool if he were offered a job being a writer!?  Now if I could only harness all my creativity and make a career out of it somehow!

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