Monday, September 3, 2012


Our wonderful old college friend, Vik, invited us over to stay with him and his cousin Neel for the weekend in Charleston!  We've never been before and it had been years since we've seen Vik - crazy how time flies.  So we made the drive over and spent an entire day walking around the Battery, looking at old architecture, walking by the water, visiting Rainbow Row and eating gelato on the pier.  The historic area is very walk-able, so we parked the car and walked everywhere until we were exhausted.

 The city was beautiful and every house had it's own personality.  I loved how most houses had flower boxes in the windows.  I missed our dogs, though.  Charleston is very pet friendly and we saw dogs everywhere.  I know they would have loved walking the city with us.
After a day of sight-seeing, we went back to Vik's apartment where I collapsed and took a nice long nap.  Then, back to the city we went to enjoy the night life.  During the day, we saw tons of couples and families, so I wasn't expecting much of a night life.  Boy, was I wrong!  There were tons of young adults walking the streets jumping from bar to bar.  We ran into some of Vik's friends and enjoyed some drinks.

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