Monday, January 7, 2013

Washington D.C.

While we were in Richmond to see our dear old friends Dusty and Colleen (who recently got engaged!!!) - we decided to spend a day in D.C.  It's only an hour & 1/2 drive from their place to D.C., so how could we not visit the nation's capital!?  The whole day we walked and saw all the monuments.

This photo is a major fail lol.

 The Vietnam Memorial... very sad to read all the names of soldiers we lost : (
 Approaching the Lincoln Memorial!!!

 Trying to get a picture of the monument behind us.

 The stairs are steep and crawling with tourists. I was a little scared of falling.

 Here's a little flashback for you...

 MLK Memorial

 We really liked this one!
 The walls surrounding it are engraved with MLK quotes.

 We only saw the White House and the Capital building from a distance. We'd done so much walking already.  We had zero energy left.

At this point we decided to drive back to beat the traffic and return another day to see all the museums!  I was so looking forward to the Smithsonian museums.  However, the hour + it took to get there was misleading because it took a whopping FOUR hours to get back to Richmond.  People said D.C. traffic was terrible, and now I know what they mean by that.  Atlanta traffic's not so bad after all!   

So we'll have to go another time to see the Smithsonian.  I refused to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic for four hours again.  Nope!  With that being said, it was still very fun and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to travel to another city I've never been to.

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  1. So gorgeous like always! Mike looks good too ;) glad you guys had a fun time! We are planning on going sometime at the end of the summer-road trip???