Sunday, May 31, 2015

29 Week Update

Time is flying!  I'm 29 weeks - moving right along in the third trimester.

I'm really gaining weight (20+ lbs) and wearing nothing but maternity clothes.  My belly button is super flat now.  It was really tender and kind of bruised looking, but feeling and looking better this week.

Sleep has been okay, but due to being on vacation - I got completely off of my routine and have been waking up at odd times, falling back asleep, and then feeling exhausted when my alarm goes off.

Other random symptoms have been heart burn, leg cramps, and shortness of breath, but really I'm not complaining - this pregnancy has been great!

These last few weeks have been loaded with great things!  We went to the beach (on our last kid-free vaycay) with our friends Ross and Hollis.  We had perfect weather, beautiful water, tasty food, and played lots of Catan.

As soon as we got back from the beach, we headed to Lake Oconee to Michael's staff retreat with the Grace Monroe staff.  Then, I stayed home and went back to work while Michael and Ty took a guys trip to D.C. for a few days.

And just last night, we got to celebrate the marriage of my brother Clint and sister-in-law Sari!

Whew!  What a month!  This summer is going to be full.  Now that we're getting back to normal life, I'm looking forward to going to the chiropractor this week AND we get to see our baby girl at an ultrasound appointment.  The doctor will be looking to see if she is growing on track because they thought her head measured a little small last time.  Prayer would be greatly appreciated!

Our girl has been moving around like crazy in my belly.  It feels less like kicks and more like entire body movements.  I can't believe I get to meet her in just 2 1/2 months.  Which reminds me - we really need to pick a name.  Everyone is asking and I am frustrated with myself for being so picky and indecisive.

I do miss feeling in shape.  And being able to move around like normal haha.  I've lost most of the strength in my abs and bending over and walking the dogs is getting tougher.

I'm feeling so thankful and happy.  Michael has been such a great husband - I'm excited to see him being a dad!  We have two baby showers this month.  I am so grateful for all the love and support that we feel from our family, friends and community.  God has been sooooo good to us.

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