Tuesday, June 30, 2015

33 Week Update

This trimester is going by scary fast.  I can't wait to meet our sweet baby, but I have so much to do in so little time.  I think I've had two baby showers since my last update.  One was family & friends and another was all my church family!  My girl will definitely be looking stylish... she was given a lot of precious little outfits.  I feel so fortunate to have so many loving people in my life who already love our baby girl.

Pregnancy has still been great.  I have gained at least 30 lbs and after I eat, my belly button pokes out.  My boss has been so sweet to let me work just four days a week now.  I really need the time off to rest and get our house packed up - because we're moving... oh... about two weeks before the baby is due.  No big deal haha.  I'm trying not to stress and I just keep asking God to help me through the next few months because so much is happening in such a short time.  I don't have a nursery set up.  I haven't prepared for natural birth yet (but I did just order a book).  I only have like two cloth diapers (when I think you need to have about 20 if you're really going to do it).  And we're still on the hunt for a house to move into.

I think my fingers are starting to swell a little bit because sometimes my ring won't budge.  I also think I have finally had some real cravings (I haven't really had any yet).  I have been going to town on some homemade guacamole.  And I'm making more of it today haha.  Plus, I really want a BAGEL.  Not just any bagel.  I want one from Einstein Brothers.  I haven't had one in a long time because I try to stick with Ezekiel bread only (it's sprouted + organic).  But if I ever have a reason to splurge on some "bad" carbs, it's now - when I'm getting huge pregnant.  I'm still being as healthy as I can be about it though ; )  I bought some imitation cream cheese, so I'm still avoiding dairy : )

I also was wondering when I would start to feel like nesting.  It hit me a few days ago and lasted until 1:00 am because I was so furious about the filth in my house.  I normally like my house to be clean.  And it really is dirty right now, which would normally bother me.  But I don't usually lose sleep over it.  I couldn't even sleep it was bothering me so bad.  And I've even been nesting at work haha.  I think it's overflowing into other areas because I can't set up my nursery right now.