Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chloe 3 Weeks

Here's me scarfing down nachos and breast feeding in between shots for our newborn photoshoot.

Chloe is already three weeks old today.  Three weeks ago, I was in labor at Athens Regional (loved my experience there by the way - awesome hospital and staff!).  So much has happened since her birth and my emotions and stress level have definitely been high.  We left Monroe so that Michael could start a new job.  Now that we're slowly settling in and the crazy moving stress is beginning to die down - my heart is really starting to grieve Monroe and all our friends there.  I already miss everyone so deeply.  Our friends and family in Monroe bent over backwards to make sure we were well fed when Chloe came, and that we were all packed up and moved out.  We felt so much love there.  So many people came to visit Chloe.  There is absolutely no way we could have survived her birth/the move without our sweet friends.

It is ridiculous how sweet my friends are.  One of my dearest friends actually came over - found me in a state of distress - went and turned off my utilities for me, had my mail forwarded at the post office, and picked up my dog from the groomer!  She also packed all our clothes (and God knows what other random stuff).  I am overwhelmed by the support we've been given.

Chloe has gradually been learning how to sleep at night.  She's been a good eater from day one.  We've been experiencing the "witching hour" almost every night and it seems that we can do nothing to make Chloe comfortable, happy and sleepy.  After we get through the witching hour, she has been sleeping quite well.  My mom and dad have been here the entire time helping me endlessly.  They will leave soon - another reason I have been emotional.  I will miss them so much.  And once they're gone, it will be pretty lonely around here.

Overall, things are great though and we have so many things to be thankful for.  Hopefully we'll get into a new routine and meet some new friends.  Right now, I feel pretty confined to the house.  Let's hope Chloe and I can start getting out more.